Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Despite Franken's Victory, Senators Still Need Reminder of Important Priorities

There has been a lot of talk about how the Minnesota Supreme Court ruling in favor of Al Franken. The ruling eventually lead to Norm Coleman conceding the Senate race and Palenty signing the election certificate, which means that Franken can be sworn in as the newest member of the US Senate. This is great news because the voters in Minnesota deserve to have their voice heard and their proper representation.

With that being said, Franken being sworn in and the Democrats now having a super majority of 60 votes doesn't mean that folks should stop putting pressure on their Members of Congress. We need to make sure that the Democrats listen to the American public and pass important legislation like the Employee Free Choice Act, health care reform with a strong public option, and repeal horrible policies such as DOMA and Don't Ask, Don't Tell. The folks over at the organization American Rights at Work appear to understand this as they released a statement encouraging people to continue letting our leaders know how important these issues are.
Working families should be encouraged by the addition of Sen.-elect Franken to the growing pro-worker majority in the Senate. Yet the road ahead for issues of utmost concern to middle-class and working families is not an easy one.

Big Business will continue to be relentless in their attempt to block any change to a system that favors them. We must not back down in reminding our leaders that working families are counting on them to pass legislation such as the Employee Free Choice Act to create more opportunities in these tough economic times.
Right here in Virginia, we have one of the Democratic Senators who is viewed as wavering in his support of EFCA. Sen. Mark Warner needs to be reminded that the Employee Free Choice Act will not only make sure that employees are treated fairly, but it will help improve our economy in general. As members of the Principles for Responsible Investment recently wrote in a letter to Members of Congress, EFCA will be productive because "effective partnerships between employees and employers enhance productivity and corporate loyalty, enabling companies to attract and retain skilled staff in order to better drive corporate innovation." In other words, companies will benefit by allowing their employees to join a union.

Despite the fact that Democrats now have 60 Members of the US Senate, we need to make sure that they listen to the will of the public. I therefore strongly encourage people to get in touch with their leaders to remind them that working families need their leadership. Virginians can start by getting in touch with Warner's office to encourage him to support the Employee Free Choice Act.

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