Friday, July 17, 2009

Del. Pollard Responds to Crabill's "Bullet Box" Remarks

Yesterday I posted a video of Catherine Crabill, the Republican candidate running against Delegate Albert Pollard, saying that people should go to the "bullet box" if things don't work out they way they hoped through the democratic process. Del. Pollard released the following statement about Crabill's comments
Washington, Madison and Monroe were born in my legislative district and to be bullied by a politician would be to dishonor them and the men and women who have died to protect this great country.

Given this rich history, it particularly disappointing that a major party candidate from this region wants to use the Constitution as a justification to bully and threaten people who don't agree with her. I won't let bullies wrap themselves in the flag and say that the majority vote is somehow is not the "right type of America" - attempting to scare others into doing dangerous things.

Sadly, what my opponent recently spouted is the logical extreme of the rhetoric in Washington and, increasingly, Richmond. It can be a short trip from over-heated rhetoric to furious anger to absolute rage.

In short, my opponent threatened to overturn the ballot box with the bullet box. She doesn't realize the founders turned to the bullet box so they could have the right to a ballot box.

While some might be saddened for the future of robust political debate in this district and country, I know that we continue to be the best region, in the best state in the best country in the world.

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