Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reaction To Blogger Dinner With Deeds Campaign

I was part of a group of bloggers who had dinner last night with some senior members of the Creigh Deeds campaign staff, including his campaign manager Joe Abbey. As a pleasant surprise, Creigh himself was also able to chat with us for awhile as he stopped by on his way to an event in the Oakton area. Some of the other bloggers at the dinner included Lowell Feld from Blue Virginia, Ben Tribbett from Not Larry Sabato, Ken Bernstein (teacherken) from Blue Commonwealth, Chris Guy from Fred2Blue, and Adam Siegel who blogs about environmental issues primarily at Daily Kos.

As the group gathered at Liberty Tavern, I have to admit that I wasn’t quite sure how the discussion would go. After all, each of the three candidates in the primary had at least one of their netroots supporters there. My first thought was that this would therefore be an interesting way to see how united the party was behind the Deeds campaign. In a good sign for the Democratic Party and Virginia as a whole, everyone there was not only supporting Creigh but appeared to be genuinely excited about his campaign and thought that sentiment was representative of most of the netroots community. I attribute this largely to the fact that we all want the best candidate to win and last night served as another example of why Creigh Deeds would make a good governor.

Some of the highlights of the conversation included that Creigh’s campaign will be working hard all over the Commonwealth, not just in the areas that have historically performed well for Democrats. Obama proved that working hard all over Virginia is good for Democratic candidates and it looks like the Deeds campaign have also picked up on this concept. Of course it also helps that Creigh is the candidate who would truly promote the type of ideas that are in the best interests of all Virginians.

Another point made is that this is an extremely divisive Republican ticket. Deeds, on the other hand, is highly respected on both sides of the aisle as a moderate who can bring folks together in order to pass meaningful legislation. Furthermore, he is someone who will be straightforward with people and won’t turn to talking points he doesn’t believe in just to get elected. As Joe Abbey put it, “Creigh is Creigh, no matter what.” In a time when we are facing a tough economic situation, I strongly believe people are going to realize that Creigh’s ability to reach across party lines and put commonsense ideas before partisan bickering is one of the primary reasons that he is the obvious choice to be our next governor.

While we’re only a week into the general election, it appears as though the Deeds campaign is going strong. They most definitely have a great candidate, great staff, and are already creating a lot of energy around the campaign. I look forward to continuing the discussion over the next few months on the campaign trail and once Creigh is in sworn in as Virginia’s next governor.

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  1. Excellent comments, Bryan. Virgina Democrats (and the netroots) are united behind Creigh.

    Your readers in NoVA can show their support for Creigh by coming out for a fundraising event for him next Wednesday, June 24 at 6:30. The event will be held at the office of Reed Smith LLP; 3110 Fairview Park Dr.; Ste. 1400; Falls Church.