Saturday, June 13, 2009

Obama Says Health Care Reform is "Essential to Restoring Fiscal Responsibility"

President Obama used his weekly address to highlight how health care reform is "essential to restoring fiscal responsibility." While there is still a lot of discussion about the actual plan that would be potentially passed by Congress and signed into law, I absolutely agree that we need to address the issue of health care both for moral and economic reasons.

I have been working a lot on organizing around this issue as of late and it's actually one of the reasons that my posting has been rather light lately (I have focused on laying to ground work for some action). For instance, there is going to be a rally in Washington, DC on the June 25th and I've been helping various groups from across the country who will be coming in for the event. I'll be having more information coming up on the rally and the health care debate but, in the meantime, here's the President's weekly address.

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  1. Barry discussing fiscal responsibility is a little like Slick Willie discussing marital fidelity.