Monday, June 22, 2009

Help Fight the Republican Health Care Horror Show

I've written on several occasions about how we need to tackle health care reform both because it's so important to make sure that everyone has access to affordable health care and because it's critically important to helping improve our economy. Many of the folks in the GOP leadership, however, have been trying to scare people into believing that there's some alternative motive behind the commonsense ideas that so many people have been promoting.

The group Americans United for Change has created a little video that I believe helps to illustrate how ridiculous those claims are.

If you agree that we need to do something about our health care system then don't forget that there's going to be a huge rally on Thursday in downtown DC. We want as big a crowd as possible to make sure that our elected officials realize the importance of passing legislation on the issue that truly looks out for the best interests of all Americans. I've been organizing a group of folks to attend the rally and a large number of people already responded to my last call to action, but we still need more people to stand up for what's right. So, let me know if you can join thousands upon thousands of progressive activists on Thursday at 11:30am in the Upper Senate Park as we rally for health care reform.

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