Monday, June 29, 2009

Del. Amundson Retires, Scott Surovell Announces Campaign for House of Delegates in 44th District

Del. Kris Amundson announced last week that she was going to retire from the House of Delegates. With her retirement, I truly believe that the House is losing one of the best public servants that the Commonwealth has had over the past decade. Kris has been tremendously dedicated to improving the lives of all Virginians and was constantly appearing at events to take the opportunity to listen to the concerns of her constituents. I wish her nothing but the best in the future.

With all that being said, we also now have the important task of making sure that this seat remains in Democratic hands. Scott Surovell, the former chair of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee, has stepped up to the challenge and announced that he will be running for the House from the 44th District. In an email he sent out over the weekend, Scott gave folks a brief glimpse into his background and the reasoning behind why he wants to run. The email concluded by pointed out how we need our elected officials to concentrate on solutions and not partisan bickering.
To truly solve the state's problems, we still need to bring change to the Virginia House of Delegates. Todays House turns down and obstructs virtually every reasonable measure to move Virginia forward. Each year, it sends scores bills focused on divisive social issues or scoring political points instead of problem-solving measures to improve people's lives. I am committed to keeping the 44th district in Democratic hands and moving the House of Delegates to Democratic control. Our leaders cannot truly solve our problems until this happens.

I intend to focus on real long-term solutions to our transportation problems, investing in education at all levels, helping seniors have full lives in their community, ensuring a clean environment, giving our children full opportunities, creating real well-paying jobs, and making Mt. Vernon a better place to live.
I've gotten to know Scott over the years and I believe he would make an excellent member of the House of Delegates. He has a history of supporting the grassroots and would truly represent the 44th well down in Richmond. I strongly encourage everyone to head over to his website to either volunteer or donate to his campaign and help ensure that the 44th District continues to have a fantastic member of the House of Delegates.

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  1. Thank you so much for those very kind comments. It was an incredibly hard decision. But I will do everything I can to elect Scott Surovell to this seat.