Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Video: Leslie Byrne Endorses Creigh Deeds for Governor

I was at the Old Fairfax Courthouse earlier today when Leslie Byrne endorsed Sen. Creigh Deeds for governor. You can see the video below, but the sound wasn’t too great so here are some of the major points from Leslie’s speech.

*Creigh and Leslie have worked together since 1995 when they were in the House of Delegates together. They later served in the Senate together and Leslie was proud to be on the statewide ticket with Creigh in 2005 as she ran for Lt. Governor and he ran for Attorney General.

*Leslie said that you really get to know someone when you’re on the trail with them and Creigh’s “not a creation by consultants. He’s authentic.”

*Leslie said that “no other candidate is better prepared” to take on the responsibility of the Governor’s office.

*Leslie Byrne is known as a progressive candidate and in regards to Creigh’s progressive qualities she pointed outh that he has a 100% pro choice voting record, has done a lot for the environment, earned a 93% ranking for the teachers which is higher than any other gubernatorial candidate has scored, and it’s clear that he’s going to make transportation a priority.

*She ended her speech by saying that “He has the qualities that I believe we need in a governor. And that’s not only the ability to do great things but to listen to those in the community, to listen to those in the Commonwealth, and to listen to their ideas and put them into action. That’s why I’m proud to give my endorsement today to my good friend, Sen. Creigh Deeds.”

After Leslie spoke, Creigh stepped up to the microphone and spoke about how he "couldn't be more humbled to have the support of Leslie Byrne." Since Leslie has a history of standing up for working families, it was fitting that Creigh then went on to speak about how Bob McDonnell has done nothing but stand up for the "big guys" but he believes we need a governor who will stand up for the little guy. He pointed out that he has that background and argued that he is the only candidate who has stood with the Warner and Kaine administration every step of the way. In a swipe at Brian Moran, he pointed out that he "put public service before this campaign" by keeping his commitment to middle class families by continuing to serve in the General Assembly during this economic crisis instead of resigning in order to raise more money.

Some people have questioned whether Creigh is "progressive enough" to be the Democratic nominee for governor. I think Leslie's endorsement and the points both of them made today won't completely quash those doubts in everyone, but they will definitely help convince voters who were on the border and just needed convincing that Creigh would truly represent the best interests of working families.

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