Monday, May 25, 2009

Televised Lt. Governor Debate

A few weeks ago there was a televised debate between Jody Wagner and Mike Signer, both of whom are running for the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor. At the time, Jon Bowerbank was also in the race but did not attend the debate because he was spending Mother's Day with his family in Southwest Virginia. Now that Jon has decided to drop out of the race, I thought it might be worth providing people with the opportunity to watch the debate again since much of the commentary immediately following the debate focused on Jon's absence.

Despite the fact that there was some petty back and forth between the candidates such as whether Signer served as Deputy Counselor for either four or seven months, there was some discussion about where the candidates differ on policy -- which is what I believe should receive the most amount of attention from viewers. With that in mind, here's the video of the debate that was originally aired on Mother's Day.

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