Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Reaction To Jon Bowerbank Suspending His Campaign

A lot of folks have asked me what I thought about Jon Bowerbank dropping out of the race for Lt. Governor. Out of respect for Jon, I didn’t give my opinion at first because I thought the discussion should focus on his accomplishments and not on what his new media director had to say about the decision. With that being said, I’m still not going to comment on the actual decision other than to say that I was saddened by the move because I truly believed (and still do) that he would make an excellent Lt. Governor. I did, however, want to take an opportunity to say a few words about Jon.

Many politicians work their passion public service into their stump speech in one form or another, but it was quite obvious to me that Jon Bowerbank actually cared about giving back and serving his community. In recent weeks, for instance, I have traveled literally thousands of miles with him all over the Commonwealth. When we left each stop Jon was always excited to talk about the good that each program was doing for the local community and the hard working people that he had just met. This got folks around Jon excited about how he was running a campaign that might be able to draw more attention and potential to these deserving programs. I bring this up because I believe it helps to provide just a small glimpse into how his campaign was about something larger than politics, it was about an opportunity for Jon to use his background and vision to help his fellow Virginians.

Jon’s campaign for Lt. Governor might be over for the time being, but that doesn’t mean his desire to give back to the community has ended. For example, he’s still a member of the Russell County Board of Supervisors where I’m confident that he’ll continue to be an excellent public servant and will fight for those who need a voice in local government. I also am confident we'll see him out on the trail helping elect leaders who truly desire to represent the best interests of Virginians.

Having gotten to know Jon over the last year, I’m honored to consider him a friend and have a great deal of respect for the work that he’s done. I look forward to the possibility of working with him again in one form or another in the future and wish him and his family nothing but the absolute best.

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  1. Very nice comments, Bryan. Agree completely. Jon is a giving, public interested person. Hoping he will make the effort again.