Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Endorsement in the 35th House of Delegates District: Mark Keam

I’ve gotten to know Steve Shannon over the years and have always been tremendously impressed with the work that he’s done in the House of Delegates. Now that Steve’s running for Attorney General, it’s tremendously important that residents of the 35th District elect a new Delegate who has a passion for public service, the background to stand up for what’s right on important issues such as education and the economy, and a work ethic that will serve his/her constituents well in the House. I strongly believe that Mark Keam brings these qualities to the table and am proud to announce that I’m endorsing his candidacy for the House of Delegates.

I first met Mark during the early stages of presidential primary as he was volunteering for Barack Obama. After hearing him speak for just a short while about why he was involved in the campaign, it was obvious that Mark truly believed that we need to elect leaders who will truly represent the best interests of the general public. As time went by, I saw Mark put in the extremely long hours going to events, making phone calls, knocking on doors, and doing whatever he could to make sure that we elected Barack Obama president. Anyone who has volunteered for a campaign realizes that the hard work put in by volunteers isn’t always very glamorous and only someone who truly wants to give back to the community will repeatedly do the hard work for free. Mark not only repeatedly did the work necessary, but he went above and beyond what was expected of him.

As I have been able to see Mark’s campaign in action and even sit down with him to discuss his candidacy, it’s become clear to me that he is running for the House of Delegates because he wants to give back to his community. I have him speak passionately, for instance, about making sure our public education system receives the investment and attention it needs to remain top notch. On other occasions I’ve heard him speak about how we need leaders who will open up a dialogue with the general public about what is taking place down in Richmond because that will help to ensure that our General Assembly is truly looking out for the best interests of all Virginians.

Through his experience as the Chief Council to Dick Durbin on the US Senate Judiciary Committee or as a policy counsel at the Small Business Administration, Mark has also shown a great ability to master the important issues and work towards creating the best possible solution to the issues at hand. I am confident that he will take these skills and others and combine them with his passion for public service to make an excellent member of the House of Delegates. I therefore strongly encourage my readers to support Mark Keam for Delegate from the 35th District.

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