Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mistake On Nats Jersey Results in 8 Grand for Dream Foundation

I missed the story last month when Adam Dunn and Ryan Zimmerman wore jerseys last month that had misspelled Nationals -- they had it was spelled "Natinals." According the NBC 4's website, the uniform manufacturer sent them the misspelled jerseys an nobody noticed it until the game had already started but it still caused some jokes to be made on late night TV.

Although not much might have turned around about the Nationals season yet, but the jerseys featuring the mistake are bringing in some money for a good cause. A big fan has spent $8,000 to purchase the uniform that Dunn wore and all of the profits will be going to the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation, which is an organization that works towards improving the lives of the area's youth among other things.

While I wish I had other things to report about the Nationals besides a mistake on their uniform, I'm glad to see that there is some news about the Nats being associated with such a good cause.

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