Thursday, April 23, 2009

Use Left of the Hill to Ask Questions for the Gubernatorial Debate

As I reported several weeks ago, there will be a gubernatorial debate at Virginia Tech next Wednesday, April 29 at 7:30pm that is hosted and moderated by bloggers including Not Larry Sabato, The Huffington Post, Fire Dog Lake and the Collegiate Times.

The debate will have a fairly standard format as it is scheduled to last 90 minutes with each candidate giving two minute long opening statements, followed by a question/answer section, and finally an opportunity for the candidates to give a closing statement. What makes this debate slightly different then the typical fair that we get, especially in a gubernatorial primary, is that all of the questions will be coming in from new media sources (twitter, youtube, and other similar programs) and the panel selecting the questions to be asked at the debate will also be made up of bloggers. The debate will also be live streamed and will air on CSPAN several times before primary day.

As one way of opening up the political discussion, the moderators of the debate will be monitoring the comment section of this post as a potential source for questions to ask the gubernatorial candidates. So if you have a question you want to be asked, leave it in the comment section here and you might get an answer during the debate on the 29th.


  1. For gubernatorial candidates: What is your position on the right to carry legally registered handguns on college campuses? -- Anonymous, Blacksburg, VA

  2. Richard from ViennaApril 25, 2009 at 9:14 PM

    Is there a certain Lt. Governor candidate that you'd like to have on the ticket with you?