Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sen. Mike Gronstal on Recent Victories for Love

After a devastating defeat in California last November, there has been a series of victories for love the over the last week or so. In Vermont, for instance, the state legislator has overridden the Governor's veto on legislation that would allow same sex couples to get married marking the first time that a legislator has successfully enacted legislation that would allow same sex couples to have their marriages legally recognized by the state. In the heartland of America, Iowa's Supreme Court unanimously proclaimed that same sex marriages cannot be banned in the state. And finally, the City Council in Washington said that the District of Columbia would recognize same sex marriages that were performed in other states.

Sen. Mike Gronstal, the majority leader in the Iowa state senate, gave the following speech on the senate floor after the minority leader asked him to co-sponsor legislation that would take away the basic civil rights that had the state Supreme Court had stated should not be denied. I think Gronstal hit it right on the noise when he pointed out that the love he felt for his wife had been strengthened by the fact that others could now have their committed, loving relationships recognized by the state of Iowa.

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  1. That was a very decent speech the senator gave. It makes me sad that Virginia's constitutional amendment precludes the General Assembly and the public from engaging in this type of conversation. Hopefully we will come to our senses and repeal the gay marriage ban and remake Virginia into a socially progressive state.