Thursday, April 9, 2009

Miles Grant on Equal Rights

I think Miles Grant, who is running for the House of Delegates from the 47th District, has a very good point when he mentions that some of the most qualified workers might not want to come to Virginia if their committed and loving relationships cannot be recognized by state law. Here's a statement Miles had in reaction to all the victories love has had in the last week.
“With each passing day, Virginia’s harsh restrictions on marriage and even simple domestic partnerships are cast in deeper contrast to the steady march of progress we’re seeing across America. We take pride in Virginia’s policies that attract world-class businesses. But the best businesses in the world need the top workers in the world. What message are we sending about Virginia’s values when we tell some of those workers they’re not allowed to commit their lives to the person they love and start a family together?

“It’s time to move our Commonwealth forward by repealing the Marshall-Newman amendment and recognizing full marriage rights for all Virginians. We’re not talking about special protections – these actions would simply ensure that all families receive basic rights, including financial protections, hospital visitation access and ability to adopt and retain custody of their children. As delegate, I’ll make it one of my top priorities to ensure civil liberties for all Virginians.”

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