Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jon Bowerbank Visits JMU ISAT Program To Discuss Energy and Job Creation

As Lowell pointed out yesterday, Jon Bowerbank has been released his jobs plan yesterday and began his jobs tour. After talking with voters at the VRE station about his job plan and the need for investment in infrastructure (which was on display yesterday as the trains were running about 45 minutes late) with Chap!, Jon traveled down to Harrisonburg to visit JMU's college of Integrated Science and Technology (ISAT). In addition to learning a lot about the ability to create jobs in the alternative and nontraditional energy field, I really enjoyed the fact that part of the program emphasizes the educational process that goes behind providing students with the skills to enter the 21st century job market.

Bob Stuart from the News Virginian in Waynesboro covered the stop and I think he gave a good overview of what took place during the tour.
The candidate spent the early afternoon touring a variety of research labs at JMU, including an energy and manufacturing lab, a biotech lab, a wind lab and seeing projects such as an electric ATV.

Bowerbank, the owner of a Southwest Virginia energy and infrastructure company and a member of the Russell County Board of Supervisors, said he thinks there are entrepreneurs and college graduates like those at JMU who can fuel the alternative energy push.

He said the jobs created could include research and development, construction, maintenance, scientific and engineering.The investment can come from both government and the private sector.
Another part of the tour that I enjoyed was that some community members who also own a small business that manufactures technology for solar energy came to go on the tour as well. They came a long to hear about the program at JMU and about Jon's positions on the issues. As the event came to a close, they recorded the following statement about their reaction to the tour.

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