Friday, April 17, 2009

Interesting Facts About Steve Shannon's Fundraising Numbers

With Democratic primaries taking place for both Lt. Governor and Governor, there has been a fair amount of discussion about the fundraising numbers that were reported yesterday in those races. What was largely left out of some of those posts was the fact that Steve Shannon's campaign for Attorney General had a very good showing. In a quarter when he was unable to raise money while the General Assembly was in session, Steve still managed to outraise all of the Republican Attorney General candidates by almost $40,000 (he raised $274,000 and the Republican candidates raised $236,000). Also worth noting is that he has a 3 to 1 lead in cash on hand over all of the Republicans ($925,000 to $301,000) and is now $285,000 ahead of where Bob McDonnell was four years ago.

I think this is important to note because one of the major challenges for down ballot candidates is to get their message out to voters when so many people are paying attention to another race (in this circumstance, the gubernatorial race). Having an Attorney General candidate who has the resources to move promote his/her message to the public is therefore very beneficial. If Steve has been able to build up a significant amount of support without spending too much money, then he will be able to flow into the general election with a lot of momentum.

This definitely appears to be the course that the campaign is on because he has been extremely popular with people from all across the state. At the Shad Planking, for instance, I saw people wearing combination of Steve Shannon stickers with almost every one of the Lt. Governor and Gubernatorial candidates. When I spoke with some of the people who were wearing Republican stickers and ones for Steve Shannon, they said that they were supporting Steve because he would "help stand up for the less fortunate" and "keep our communities safe." Not too surprisingly I heard Democrats use very similar reasons for why they were excited about his campaign. This truly suggests that he's very consistent with his message, doesn't change his values just to get votes, and is ready to stand up for issues that all Virginians can rally behind. During a time when we all want our elected leaders to work towards the common good of the commonwealth, I'm very pleased to see that Steve has been running a campaign that represents these goals and will likely have the resources necessary to promote his message to the voters.

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