Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gov. Tim Kaine on the House Passing Budget Proposal

After the news that the House of Representatives had passed a budget proposal that meet much of President Obama's agenda, Gov. Tim Kaine released the following statement in his role as DNC Chairman.
Washington, DC - DNC Chairman Tim Kaine praised the House of Representatives today for passing President Obama's budget which takes critical steps to shore-up the economy in the short-term and makes key investments in infrastructure, schools, renewable energy, and health care that will sustain our nation in the long-run.

"I am pleased to offer my congratulations to House Democrats today on the passage of the President's budget - a plan to help turn our economy around by slashing the deficit in half, making health care more affordable, reducing our dependence on foreign oil and investing in education," said Kaine. "This vote today is a victory not only for this generation of Americans, but generations to come."

"Unfortunately, the unanimous vote by the House Republicans against the budget does not represent the principle of loyal opposition upon which this country was founded, but opposition purely for political gain. While Republicans continue to cling to the failed policies of the past that created the current economic crisis, President Obama and Democrats have taken bold steps to restore stability and prosperity for all Americans. Today's vote affirms that the Party of No is more interested in playing politics than working with the Democrats and the President to solve our nation's problems on a bipartisan basis."

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