Saturday, March 21, 2009

Video on Why Employee Free Choice Act Is Necessary

This is an incredibly important issue and we need to make sure that our members of Congress stand up for workers rights by supporting the Employee Free Choice Act. This is especially the case with Sen. Mark Warner who is wavering on the issue. As I have several times before, I therefore strongly encourage people to get in touch with his office by calling 202-224-2023 or using the contact form on his website.


  1. This issue will be a tough vote for some Southern Democrats but their constituents need the Employee Free Choice Act more than anyone else.

  2. The fact that the constituents need the EFCA is exactly why people need to get in touch with their Members of Congress to let them know that supporting workers' rights is a good thing.

  3. Precisely, employees in the so called Right to Work states need ECFA the most. People really need to contact Warner in particular and get him to move the right direction.