Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Video: Jon Bowerbank on Giving Back to the Community

Jon Bowerbank has had several events in Northern Virginia over the last few days, including one in Oakton last night that I attended. In addition to talking a lot about his campaign and what he hopes to do as Lt. Governor, we also got a bit of Jon's personal story which gave us a glimpse into why he wants to serve the Commonwealth of Virginia.

One of the topics of conversation, for instance, was how some of the local high schools in Southwest Virginia didn't have very good athletic facilities. Jon therefore worked with the local coaches and community leaders to develop a plan for a new football field for two of the high schools. After it became apparent that the process was also going to be very expensive, Jon pitched in and donated a large sum of money to building the fields. Those fields have also helped to build community spirit around the local high school teams and serve as just one small example of how Bowerbank has given back to his community.

Jon also spoke about how his family came over to the United States when he was 11 years old. He said America, and especially Virginia, has provided his family with a very good life and he feels the need to give back to the community. Here's a brief clip of him talking about that last night.

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