Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Video: Brian Moran On Grassroots Politics and Building Campaign From the Ground Up

Not only has Brian Moran always displayed a passion for standing up for those who don't always have their voice heard in government, but he's illustrated that he believes in running a grassroots oriented campaign that promotes public discussion. Why? Because that is one of the best way to make sure that an elected official is truly representing the best interests of the public.

At this morning's event in Fairfax, Brian briefly spoke about how the campaign is building the campaign from the ground up, community by community. I've seen this in person while watching Brian interact with community leaders and residents in various communities while addressing issues such as home foreclosures, health care, and energy. What stands out most is that when I've talked to Brian about these issues in one on one situations, it becomes plainly obvious that he cares deeply about public service and that he truly believes his grassroots style of leadership will help him make a difference as governor.

Here's a clip from this morning's speech:

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