Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Straw Poll Results And Analysis from Gerry Connolly's St. Patrick's Day Party

There was a record crowd at Gerry Connolly's St. Patrick's Day event at the Kena Temple in Fairfax. I'll be posting video of speeches and more analysis later, but here are the results for the straw poll that was taken.


Terry McAuliffe: 544 votes (58%)
Brian Moran: 276 votes (30%)
Creigh Deeds: 114 votes (12%)

Lt. Governor

Jody Wagner: 48%
Mike Signer: 28%
Jon Bowerbank: 12%
Pat Edmondson: 12%

I think there's a few things to look at in these results. The first is that the gubernatorial straw poll turned out basically as expected. After backing out of the Mt. Vernon event a few weeks at the last moment and coming in a distant third, Terry McAuliffe was rumored to be working hard to get his people to the event. So now both Terry and Brian have won straw polls in Northern Virginia, which seems to coincide with the fact that most polling have them in a statistical dead heat.

In the Lt. Governor race Jody Wagner was expected to come out on top. She has been in the race for awhile now and has the support of many elected officials from Northern Virginia. What was a surprise to many people, however, was the fact that Mike Signer performed so well in the poll. He was the last candidate to join the race, but has been putting together a strong grassroots organization in recent weeks. His "Coffee Break" youtube videos have also been a great way to get the discussion going on the important issues and I think he's the candidate to watch in this race right now.

More to come, so keep checking back.


  1. Mike is a great Lt Governor candidate. It really is not a suprise that he did so well.

  2. Signer really seems to grasp online social media. If he grows that viral buzz, that's more than enough to close the gap in a LG race.

  3. Signer is only strong in NOVA...NOWHERE ELSE!!! He can't win.

    That's why I support Pat Edmonson

  4. Anonymous, it's great that you have a diversity of opinion, but please don't hide behind anonymity to just dump negative comments. You might think Pat is the best candidate, but there has to be other reasons for that than your opinion that Mike can't win (which you didn't even prove.)

    I've met all four candidates in the LG race and believe they have something unique to bring to the table. Leaving anonymous hit comments like that, however, doesn't help the discussion.

    Of all the races, the race for LG is the one where more discussion of the actual issues needs to take place. Recent polls have shown that the general public needs to learn more about where the candidates stand before making up their mind (about 75% are undecided). Mike's started to get his message out there through various means, including his "Coffee Breaks."

  5. The Race for Governor is really getting tight in the end. I've written some about it but I think it'll all come down to who can turn out an extra dozen supporters or so.