Thursday, March 12, 2009

Steve Shannon Picks Up Even More Endorsements

Even though there are portions of the Commonwealth that definitely lean Republican, recent elections have illustrated that Democrats have an ability to compete throughout all of Virginia. Steve Shannon is a candidate for Attorney General who wants to represent ALL of Virginia and has been traveling around the state in order to talk with the general public about what he hopes to accomplish if elected. Members of the General Assembly are able to see his ability to reach out beyond his home base in Northern Virginia and Steve's campaign announced earlier today that he had received the endorsement of two Delegates from Southeast Virginia -- Delegate Lynwood Lewis (D-Accomac) and Delegate Bill Barlow (D-Smithfield).
“I’m proud to have the support of these terrific legislators,” Delegate Steve Shannon said. “The communities Delegates Lewis and Barlow represent face unique challenges, and I look forward to working with them as Virginia’s next Attorney General,” Shannon continued.

“Steve has worked closely with me on public safety issues of great importance to my community,” Delegate Bill Barlow said. “After working with him for six years as a colleague, I know where he stands and I’ll be glad to call him Attorney General,” Barlow concluded.

“From the first day that we served together, I have known Steve to fight for what he believes in,” said Delegate Lynwood Lewis. “During our time in the House of Delegates, I have seen Steve fight to protect our communities from drug abuse, and I’ve seen him fight to protect the Chesapeake Bay,” Lewis continued. “I’m proud to support Steve’s campaign for Attorney General, because I know he’ll do what’s right not only for the Eastern Shore, but for all of Virginia,” Lewis concluded.
What is very interesting about this race is that Steve Shannon appears to be building up a base of people supporting his campaign from all across the Commonwealth. I've consistently heard people speak about Steve's history of standing up to keep our communities safe and how he realizes that the Attorney General's office must also work hard to combat financial crimes and identity theft. The Republican candidates, on the other hand, seem to be seeing who can go to the extreme right the fastest in hopes that this will help them win their primary. While that might indeed help them in a GOP primary, it has essentially resulted in them putting partisanship ahead of holding a productive discussion about serving the community.

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