Thursday, March 5, 2009

Even if Frederick Steps Down, Virginia's GOP Leadership Would Still Push Party to the Extreme Right

According to Bearing Drift, there have been several key players who have asked Jeff Frederick to resign as Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.
State central members say that asking Frederick to resign is not due to any political disagreements, but that poor fundraising, the loss of three congressional seats and the US Senate last November, and his preference to use a technology firm which he has a personal interest in have caused the loss of confidence.

Because of the above, and combined with Frederick’s propensity to create controversy with his comments, nearly all of the State Senate Republicans and many of his former colleagues in the House Republican Caucus are also eager to see the chairman out.
During his time as Chairman, Frederick has served as a prime example of how the Republican Party's leadership has been steering the party further and further to the right. Between costing the Republicans control of the Virginia Senate by prematurely tweeting about a power-sharing deal and then rising on the floor of the House of Delegates to claim that Darwin was just "used by atheists to explain away the belief of god," it would probably benefit the Democrats strategically to have Frederick remain at the head of the Republican Party.

What is perhaps most interesting about this whole situation is that while talking to the folks at Bearing Drift, key party officials have picked up on this concept and made it clear that they wanted Frederick to step down for strategic reasons and "not due to any political disagreements." In other words, they like the fact that he has continued to push the Republican Party further to the right. This suggests the Republican leadership simply does not understand that Virginia's do not support their extreme views. So if Frederick steps down the Republican Party might be safe from more of his blunders, but the party's leadership would still continue to push their party away from the values of Virginia voters.


  1. No. The moonbatosphere will claim that Virginia's GOP leadership would still push party to the extreme right.

    There's a difference.

  2. James, your opinion would actually mean something if you weren't one of the people trying to get the party to move to the extreme right and destroy workers' basic right to stand up for themselves in the workplace.