Monday, March 30, 2009

Del. David Bulova Kicked Off Reelection Campaign (With Video)

Del. David Bulova represents the 37th District in the House of Delegates which covers the City of Fairfax and parts of Fairfax County. For those of you who followed Sen. Chap Petersen’s race in 2007, you might recall that Petersen and Bulova represent many of the same precincts (obviously, Chap is their Senator and Bulova is their Delegate). I bring this up because one of the big things that Chap’s race helped to illustrate is that although the district has been trending Democratic in recent years, it has a history of splitting tickets and electing officials who promote commonsense ideas. Since the voters in this district truly do vote for the individual candidate instead of the party, having good constituent services and running a grassroots campaign is therefore an extremely important part of winning reelection.

With all that in mind, Bulova had his campaign kickoff over the weekend right across the street from my alma mater – George Mason University. Indicative of how David has built up a lot of support from both local and state officials, there were a large number of elected officials in attendance include Sen. Chap Petersen, Del. David Marsden, Del. Mark Sickles, Del. Bob Hull, City Councilman Dan Drummond, Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Sharon Bulova (who also happens to be his mother), former state Sen. Emily Miller, and several grassroots and party leaders who have been extremely active in Fairfax County.

After thanking everyone for coming out, David gave the following speech which touched on reaching out to members of the community, looking out for the best interests of consumers, protecting our environment and moving in the right direction on energy policy, our transportation issues, and health care – including the specific topic of children with disabilities. He also spoke about how he indeed does have some competition in the race this year, so any help that community can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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