Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brian Moran Uses Grassroots Support to Gather the Petition Signatures Submitted Today

After making sure they had all their paperwork in order, Brian Moran's campaign submitted his signatures to be on the ballot for the Democratic gubernatorial primary on June 9. The big thing about signature gathering is that is supposed to give a sense of the organization surrounding a campaign. In the case of Brian Moran, it's important to note how so much of the work here was done by volunteers because it goes to reinforce what Brian has been saying all along -- that he is building his support community by community from the ground up.
RICHMOND, Va. – At the State Board of Elections headquarters in Richmond, the Moran campaign submitted 16,928 petition signatures, more than the necessary 10,000 petitions to be placed on the ballot for Governor in the June 9th Democratic primary.

“Today we’ve taken the next step in a campaign built from the bottom up, not the top down,” Brian Moran said. “We have leaders all across Virginia who’ve stepped forward in support of my campaign because we know Virginia needs a governor with a proven record of fighting for people. I’m proud to submit these petitions and put my name on the ballot to continue the work started by Mark Warner and Tim Kaine.”

In recent weeks, Moran has rolled out the boldest energy plan to create thousands of jobs and to oppose offshore drilling and a new coal plan in Surry. He has proposed a health-care plan that insures every Virginia child, a Homeowners’ Bill of Rights to fight foreclosures and a government efficiency plan that makes sure Virginia remains the best-managed state in the nation. He is currently on his “Economic Recovery Tour” outlining his plans to stimulate and restart the economy.


  1. "McAuliffe now has 98 paid staffers"


    98 paid staffers in a state primary is not a grassroots campaign. It is the opposite of grassroots.

  2. What's really pathetic is how Terry's supporters moan and groan about Moran sometimes going negative while the blogs Blue Virginia and Blue Commonwealth are just filled with non stop attacks against Moran. So much for them having any ability to follow what they preach.

    If they can't actually keep their word while campaigning, I wonder how many members of the General Assembly would be willing to stick their neck out for something Terry's working on.

  3. I don't even read BC and BV any longer. Most of the posts are childish anyway. Very annoying!