Monday, March 9, 2009

Brian Moran On Tim Kaine Signing Smoking Ban Legislation

In between various board meetings that I've been attending today and will have some reports on tomorrow, I received the following statement from Brian Moran's campaign about Tim Kaine signing the smoking ban legislation earlier today.
Brian Moran made the following statement after Governor Tim Kaine signed the Virginia smoking ban legislation passed by the 2009 General Assembly. Moran voted for smoking ban legislation in the House and authored the ban on smoking in nursing homes and emergency rooms over a decade ago. Twenty-eight other states have banned smoking in public places.

“The Virginia Department of Health tells us that second-hand smoke kills 1,700 Virginians every year. Governor Kaine has led Virginia to this responsible action that protects public health by reducing exposure to second-hand smoke. Parents shouldn’t have to worry about smoke-filled restaurants when they go out for a family dinner. This is a tremendous step forward, and Governor Kaine deserves the appreciation of every Virginia family.”

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