Friday, March 13, 2009

Brian Moran on How "We are stronger when we work together"

I was fortunate enough to attend a blogger dinner tonight with Brian Moran and several of his key advisers tonight at his new office in Arlington. I'll be posting a series of videos with analysis throughout the weekend, so keep checking back here for information on what was discussed.

I've seen Brian in action for years as he's helped Democratic candidates all across the Commonwealth and it's always been clear to me that he's very passionate about public service and helping make sure that the best candidates are elected to office. During his time as chair of the Democratic Caucus in the House of Delegates, the Democrats have gone from only having 33 seats to now having a shot at gaining a majority during the elections this November. He's done this by working hard and realizing that we must support candidates throughout the Commonwealth and work to strengthen our organization in areas where we haven't performed well in the past -- a concept that Obama definitely utilized in last year's election.

With that being said, Brian spoke about how his campaign is going from community to community to build his campaign from the ground up and not from the top down. He also passionately spoke about how we are a Commonwealth and need a leader who recognizes the fact that we must work together in order to address the important issues Virginians are facing. Here's the video of those comments:

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  1. Good work Bryan. It's good to get some insight on how Brian intends to govern.