Friday, March 13, 2009

Brian Moran On How His Background Influenced Him

During his speech to the bloggers who gathered in his campaign office, Brian spoke about how he can understand what people are going through during this tough economic time because he grew up in a working class family. There were times, for instance, when all they had powdered milk because the family couldn't afford whole milk (the task of which he apparently still gets in his mouth sometimes when he talks with those who are struggling) and he started working at the age of 14 to help out the family and worked his way through college and law school.

Everyone time I hear him speak about the need to stand up for the working class, I can just feel how passionate he really is about making a difference. When you combine that passion with the action plans that he has put together to address the concerns of working families, I'm confident that Brian Moran is the type of leader who will help move Virginia forward. Although it's not quite the same as hearing him speak in person, here's a clip of Brian speaking about his background and how it's influenced him.

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