Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sen. Gregg Withdraws Name in Another Sign of Republicans Playing Political Games

Throughout the discussion surrounding the stimulus bill, President Barack Obama has made attempt after attempt to reach out to Republicans. The Republicans, however, still haven't caught onto the fact that the public is sick and tired of bitter partisanship and actually want meaningful legislation to be passed. The latest attempt of the Republicans playing games is with Sen. Judd Gregg all of a sudden removing his name from consideration as Commerce Secretary. Here's what White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs, had to say about the situation.
"Senator Gregg reached out to the President and offered his name for Secretary of Commerce. He was very clear throughout the interviewing process that despite past disagreements about policies, he would support, embrace, and move forward with the President’s agenda. Once it became clear after his nomination that Senator Gregg was not going to be supporting some of President Obama’s key economic priorities, it became necessary for Senator Gregg and the Obama administration to part ways. We regret that he has had a change of heart".
If Gregg wasn't going to be willing to be a productive member of the team, then it's a good thing that he had his "change of heart" before he could actually have done long term damage to the Obama Administration. The timing of this announcement isn't necessarily a good thing either as it simply gives his opponents even more reason to claim that the executive branch is completely out of control.

The more appropriate explanation would be that the Republicans are simply doing whatever they can to attack Obama and his platform hoping that it will help them during the 2010 Congressional elections. Based on polls that have recently been released, it appears as though the general public understands that is still sick and tired of the bitter partisanship that is being promoted by leaders in the Republican Party.


  1. Bitter partisanship of the Republicans? Wasn't it Obama that justified disregarding GOP input by saying "I won." Wasn't it Republicans crossing over to vote for a Democrat bill that had NO GOP input that got it passed? Aren't the Dems being partisan by insisting that the GOP drop THEIR principles to vote for a Democrat bill, sight unseen...
    And last, but not least, isn't it the Democrats that are playing politics by SHUTTING OUT THE GOP on the crafting of the final bill behind closed doors, with NO HEARINGS?
    Of cours Sen.Gregg needed to withdraw. Obama picked him in the hopes of a Democrat appointee succeding him. He wasn't going to let Sen. Gregg have any power. That's why Obama is unconstituionally stealing the Census away from Commerce AND the Congress. Why should he assist a President that lied about everything he campaigned on....
    Of course, the spin is that Gregg didn't cooperate on the "economic" agenda. Of course not. Gregg sees that this bill is a travesty.
    The GOP is rightly opposing the President, the Democratic Congress, and their agenda. The agenda is bad for America. They are lying to the American public and trying to insert policies that would never get passed in session with any discussion or hearings.
    They see this chance as their only chance to get their progressive, authoritarian ideas in place. Socialized health care, removing checks on illegal immigration, Gerrymandering on a national scale, pay back of ACORN, etc.

    So when the Democrats actually start acting like they care about TRUE bi-partisanship, THEN they can talk.

  2. Cargosquid, Your comment falls in line with exactly what the Republicans have been doing on the Hill. Obama and the Democrats will talk with the Republicans in order to see how they can come up with a compromise. As soon as a good compromise is proposed, the Republicans back off and claim that they actually want the Democrats to make more sacrifices. When more sacrifices are made, the Republicans respond by claiming the Democrats aren't being bipartisan and then withdraw into their own corner and refuse to support anything the Administration puts forward.

  3. GOP's version of meeting Obama halfway ...

  4. This is unbelievable. Sen. Gregg did not know Obama's policy position before he announced his candidacy?? Same old obstructionist tactics by the Grand Obstructionist Party.