Monday, February 16, 2009

Jody Wagner Was On The Inside Scoop (With Video)

As I have mentioned before, I am in the studio almost every Sunday to watch the taping of The Inside Scoop Virginia (I have also been a guest on the show to talk about economic justice issues and blogging). This week's guest was Jody Wagner who is one of the Democratic Candidates for Lt. Governor.

The show's format allows for people to call in and ask questions, which usually leads to a caller or two during each hour long show. Last night, however, there were a large number of people who either left comments on the shows website, emailed in questions, and called into the studio to ask their question on the air. This is worth mentioning because I think it helps to illustrate how there is an interest in the race for LG even in the relatively early stages.

I had asked for a specific example of a policy Jody had promoted or work she had done during her time with the Warner and Kaine Administrations. My reasoning behind this question was that I have heard a lot about how she had experience, but wanted a specific example of what that work actually was and how it prepared her to be Lt. Governor. Towards the end of the show (at the 50 minute 40 second mark), Jody got asked my question and spoke about her role in some legislation surrounding higher education. I thought she picked a good example of her work and, as I told her last night, look forward to seeing her talk more about these specifics as she continues on the campaign trail.

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  1. One sign of a good blogger is that he goes to events so that he might have an opportunity to ask a question. Well done on getting the answer to yours being provided on live television.