Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Del. Ken Melvin Announces Retirement

Earlier today Del. Ken Melvin announced that he would be retiring after serving in the House of Delegates for 24 years. More important than the length of his service was the high quality of his leadership as he was a member of the House Courts of Justice Committee and was a staunch defender of civil rights and did his part to ensure that the disadvantaged had their voices heard by elected officials. This was not lost on his colleagues as he announced his retirement.
"Ken Melvin has one of the sharpest legal minds of anyone I've ever had the privilege to work with," said House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong. "He has devoted his career to the equal and fair distribution of the law, and this House will not be the same without him. I thank him for his service, and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors."

"I have had the joy of working with Ken for over two decades," added Caucus Chairman Ken Plum. "He has served this body with honor and distinction, and we will dearly miss his perspective and innumerable contributions. The Commonwealth is a better place thanks to his work."
I only had the pleasure of meeting Del. Melvin once when one of his fellow delegates introduced me to him while I was down in Richmond earlier this year, but I have the utmost respect for his service and the work that he has done while in the House. The voters of the 80th district were well represented and I wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors.

UPDATE:Brian Moran released the following statement about Del. Melvin's retirement.
“When I was a new member of the General Assembly and the Courts of Justice Committee, Kenny Melvin became a friend and a mentor. He has been a fighter for those who didn’t have anyone else fighting for them. His advice and counsel were invaluable to me, and he will be deeply missed. There was no stronger champion for civil rights or more strident defender of those less fortunate. For nearly 25 years, Kenny Melvin has served the people of Virginia, and our Commonwealth is a better place for his service.”

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