Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Creigh Deeds Announces Communications Team

Senator Creigh Deeds announced the key members of his communications team today. Brooke Borkenhagen, who served as press secretary for the Iowa Democratic Party during the 2008 general election, will serve as communications director. She was also an early supporter of President Barack Obama and served as the North Dakota spokesperson for his campaign leading up to ND's caucus.

Peter Jackson will also be working for the campaign the "senior advisor for communications." Peter has served as the executive director of the Future Deeds PAC and Creigh's spokesperson and has built up a reputation as someone who is extremely familiar with the dynamics of Virginia politics. Realizing that blogs are a great way to keep more people informed about what Senator Deeds is doing in the state senate or out on the campaign trail, Peter has also been a good friend to the blogosphere by keeping us updated on what Creigh's doing and even setting up some live blogs such as the one he did on my old blog.

Peter and Brooke have a big job ahead of them because a lot of the discussion in the media recently has been about Brian Moran and Terry McAuliffe. When you combine that with the fact that recent polls have shown Creigh running several points behind his two opponents, it is extremely crucial that the campaign begins to have more success promoting its message if Creigh is going to have a shot at winning the nomination. It will be worthwhile watching to see if any big strategy changes come with these new appointments in order to accomplish that goal.

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