Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brian Moran Emphasizes Community Organizing In Announcing New Endorsements

I have talked a lot here recently about how a successful statewide candidate in Virginia will understand the need to build a grassroots organization that has leadership in various communities all across the Commonwealth. I have also discussed how I believe Brian Moran understands this concept and it was a big part of his speech down at the JJ Dinner. In a statement he gave about the endorsements he received from leaders from Petersburg, Brian even further emphasized that portion of his campaign.
“I’m honored to have this leadership team in Petersburg behind my campaign for Governor,” Moran said. “This campaign will be about grassroots, community-by-community support from people who believe we need someone as Governor who will fight for them. I will wake up every day as Governor to fight for the people of this community.”
The endorsements that Brian received from Petersburg leaders are Mayor Annie Mickens, Vice Mayor Horace Webb, Council Member Brian Moore, Council Member Carl Mike Ross, Council Member David Ray Coleman, Delegate Rosalyn Dance, and Sheriff Vanessa Crawford.

During the presidential election, Barack Obama had a lot of success because he made sure that his campaign implemented a 50 state strategy and was active in a variety of different communities within each state. One of the primary reasons that he won in Virginia was that he put organizers all across the Commonwealth that worked to educate the local communities about his platform. Based upon the fact that Brian Moran has been traveling around the state for some time now and his emphasis on going "community-by-community" to get "support from people," it appears as though he understands that this concept is how a candidate can truly build a lot of support for the movement he/she's leading.

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