Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bowerbank Picks Up Endorsements From 40 Local Party Leaders and Elected Officials

Earlier today Jon Bowerbank announced that he has received the endorsement of an additional 40 Democratic elected officials and party leaders. Included in that list are Delegates Bud Phillips and Dan Bowling, which is important because it illustrates how support for Bowerbank's candidacy is growing among state-level officials. As one of the big issues facing the General Assembly is what to do regarding the financial crisis, it is also worthwhile to note that Del. Phillips highlighted Bowerbank's business management skills as one of the primary reasons to support Jon's candidacy.
"There is no candidate more qualified for Lieutenant Governor than Jon Bowerbank. Jon's business experience and expertise in the energy sector are unparalleled, and that's exactly the experience and expertise that we need in Virginia's government. If we want a Democrat in the Lieutenant Governor's office come November, we need Jon Bowerbank as our candidate."
What is perhaps more impressive, however, is the number of local officials from all over the Commonwealth who were included in the list. This is important because these local officials are often the ones who are most in touch with their constituents and understand the concerns of their communities. When they are endorsing a candidate they will therefore choice the candidate who will truly work in the best interest of their community in addition to the Commonwealth as a whole.

Continuing with this sentiment, as Gov. Tim Kaine and Rep. Gerry Connolly pointed out during speeches they gave in support of Sharon Bulova's candidacy to be Chairman of the Fairfax County, it is extremely for people at all levels of government to establish working relationships with each other to ensure that the most productive legislation possible can be passed. While also drawing attention to his own understanding of local government Frankie Edmondson, who is the Portsmouth City Commissioner of Revenue, seems to suggest Bowerbank will be able to use his experience as a Member of the Russell County Board of Supervisors and business executive in order to be an extremely productive Lieutenant Governor.
"As a person who deals every day with the financial challenges facing our local governments, I know the importance of having a leader who knows how to run a business and balance the books. Jon Bowerbank has run an extremely successful business for twenty years. He knows how to create jobs with good pay and craft a common sense budget, and he is the best person to get Virginia's economy back on track."
The fact that Bowerbank is stressing the endorsements of local officials could potentially have a bigger impact than most endorsements due to fact that he has been running a grassroots style campaign. If this type of campaign is going to successful, he will need local leaders to help recruit volunteers for knocking on doors and making phone calls during the campaign season. If the list of local leaders endorsing his campaign today actually implement the campaign's grassroots action, then the campaign will be in good shape in the months heading up to the Democratic primary. As more and more people are starting to pay attention to this race, it'll be interesting to see if that leadership develops.

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