Friday, January 30, 2009

Reaction to Sharon Bulova Event in Falls Church

I attended an event for Sharon Bulova last night in Falls Church that attracted about sizeable crowd of people who wanted to show their support for Sharon in the final days before the special election on Tuesday. In addition to all of the grassroots supporters who were in attendance, there were several candidates and elected officials making the rounds including Edythe Kelleher (current member of the Vienna Town Council and candidate for the House of Delegates), Ilryong Moon (at large member of the Fairfax County School Board), Rex Simmons (former candidate for the House of Delegates), and Sen. Mark Warner even called into the event in between votes on the floor of the US Senate.

One of the primary topics of discussion at the event was how important it is for us to have strong leadership at the local level. As a result of her experience as chair of the Fairfax County Budget Committee and positions on several regional boards, the people in attendance strongly believed that Sharon Bulova has the strong leadership ability that is needed to help our county face the tough financial crisis.

Sen. Mark Warner also discussed Sharon’s leadership ability when he called to talk to the crowd. After apologizing for not being able to be at the event in person (he had votes on the floor of the Senate, including one to pass the Children’s Health Insurance Program), Warner highlighted how it is extremely important to have good local government and claimed that “there are very few places around the country that have had as solid a government as Fairfax County.” He further emphasized that we need to elect Sharon Bulova because it is so important for local officials must have the ability to accept the responsibility of making the tough decisions necessary during the financial crisis that our country is facing.
“We’ve got to have people who are going to be responsible in government, who have a record of making the hard choices and the tough decisions. Sharon Bulova has done that, that’s why you’re all there. Fairfax County is as well regarded at the local level as any jurisdiction in the country and Sharon’s been a part of it. I’m very proud to support her and very produce to endorse her.”
After Sen. Warner said goodbye so that he could make his way back to the Senate floor, Sharon picked up right where he left off by once again stressing the importance of having local leaders who have to ability to work with federal officials in order to help our community through tough situations. She then pointed out that it is extremely important to remind people about the special election and to make sure they get out to the polls because it does matter who is the Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. After laying out some points that she’s mentioned in previous speeches, Sharon thanked everyone for coming to the event and let everyone know that as Chairman her door would always be open to Fairfax County residents and that she looks forward to continue working for, and with, the community.

All in all, I thought the event went extremely well and I was very pleased to see that Sharon, Sen. Warner, and the other people in attendance realize that we need strong leadership at all levels of government in order to help our country go in the right direction. Because I share that sentiment and believe Sharon Bulova has those abilities, I encourage voters in Fairfax County to cast their ballots in support of Sharon on Tuesday, February 3.

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  1. I will be casting my ballot for Sharon Bulova on Saturday at the Fairfax County Gov't Center just in case the weather is bad on Tuesday. I encourage others to do the same.