Thursday, January 29, 2009

Karl Rove is Upset the Obama Administration Is Working So Hard

In a sign of how desperate the Republican Party has become, Karl Rove wrote an editorial which criticized the Obama Administration for allowing a relatively large number of people to have offices in the West Wing. He even went as far as to criticize the fact that the old office he had would be divided up into four cubicles to allow more people to address the critical issues facing our country. Rove claims that this is a bad thing because it means that the Obama Administration is apparently trying to centralize power.

If you actually stop and think about the situation, however, Rove is actually quite wrong. President George W. Bush was known for relying on a very small inner circle of advisers and rarely reaching out to people who might disagree with his opinion. It therefore makes sense that people like Karl Rove would be rewarded with having an office that could be divided into four parts. By allowing more people to have offices in the West Wing -- and, at least in theory, therefore be closer to the president -- Obama is actually opening up the discussion on policy and helping to ensure that he makes the best decision possible. With our country currently facing an economic crisis and engaged it two wars overseas, it is a good thing that Obama isn't relying solely on an inner circle of people who will simply rubberstamp everything he idea he puts forward.

What is perhaps the most noticeable sign of desperation is the fact that Rove criticizes Obama for his tendenacy to work late. The criticism doesn't come because he believes Obama might need to spend more time with his family or something along those lines, but that this means that some of his staff might have to work late hours as well. In other words, Rove doesn't like the fact that the Obama Administration is going to be putting in a lot of hours to address all of the problems that George W. Bush caused when he was president.

I don't know about you, but I actually like the fact that President Obama and his staff will be working hard to make sure our country is heading in the right direction. If Rove truly has a problem with that, then he should have thought about it before he helped Bush destroy our Constitution while leading our country into economic troubles and an unjustified war.

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