Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Open Thread

Bob McDonnell's argument that working women are "detrimental" to society and how he has spent his entire political career trying to live up to the extreme arguments laid out in his thesis continues to be a hot topic of conversation here in Virginia. Whether or not this will be his "macaca moment," it does most definitely prove that he's not the moderate he's trying to portray himself as.

In other events, this weekend I've organized an event in support of EFCA which will take place on Saturday in Fairfax. It'll be starting at 11am when we will here the stories of some Virginians about why we need the Employee Free Choice Act to pass before we head out into the community to gather petition signatures.

If you want to come take part in a rally in support of Virginia's working class, collect petition signatures in support of EFCA, or simply sign onto a petition, let me know. In the meantime, treat this as an open thread.

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  1. While I agree that having a a wife who can devote her full talents to raising the children creates a stronger family, what Bob McDonnell wrote his thesis on is irrelevant.

    Bob McDonnell is for Tolls; including the outsourcing of operating our toll roads to Communist Chinese-owned toll-road companies.

    Bob McDonnell is in favor of selling the rights to operate Virginia's ports, again to multinational corporations.

    Bob McDonnell did absolutely NOTHING to resist the power grabs by the Bush regime that came close to destroying our Constitutional Republic.

    Bob McDonnell always sides with his multinational corporate sponsors and his televangelist mentors, and has NEVER lifted anything but his middle finger for the working men of Virginia.

    Creigh Deeds has a long standing record of ALWAYS placing the interests of Virginians FIRST, and Creigh Deeds will work to restore our strategic manufacturing base, right here in Virginia.

    Even among traditionally "conservative" and libertarian voters, Creigh Deeds is the pragmatic choice as our next Governor of Virginia.