Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bowerbank Picks Up Endorsements From Democratic Leaders

Jon Bowerbank's campaign just released a statement announcing that he has been endorsed by several Democratic Party leaders. These endorsements are big for Bowerbank because they are the people who often interact with local activists and can help Bowerbank get to get in touch with good volunteer leaders in their respective communities. This is good because with the support from the establishment that Jody Wagner has been receiving, Bowerbank will need to receive a lot of help from local volunteers making phone calls and knocking on doors to get his message out. What's also interesting is that the endorsements literally do come from all across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Here's the statement:
Cedar Bluff - Today 10 Democratic Party chairs endorsed Jon Bowerbank for Lieutenant Governor. The chairs span the length of the Commonwealth, from Lee County to Fairfax City.

"Jon Bowerbank is the only Democrat in this race who can win statewide in November," said Pete Frisbie, chair of the Prince William County Democratic Committee. "Jon started a business from nothing, he knows how to balance the books in tough financial times and create jobs in the Commonwealth."

"Jon has spent two decades working on infrastructure and energy issues in Virginia and around the country, we need his experience and expertise in Richmond," declared Joseph Harmon, chair of the Fairfax City Democratic Committee. "Jon Bowerbank is the best candidate who can beat Bill Bolling."

"I am honored by this showing of support from these Democratic Party chairs," said Bowerbank. "These chairs come from all areas of the Commonwealth and demonstrate the broad range of support for our campaign."

Chairs endorsing Bowerbank today include:

Tom Graham -9th Congressional District Democratic Committee Chair
Clinton Kegley - Bland County Democratic Committee Chair
Vern Presley - Buchanan County Democratic Committee Chair
Joseph Harmon - Fairfax City Democratic Committee Chair
Pete Sumpter - Lee County Democratic Committee Chair
Pete Frisbie - Prince William County Democratic Committee Chair
Mike Fleenor - Pulaski County Democratic Committee Chair
Gail Montuori - Radford City Democratic Committee Chair
Steve Banner - Russell County Democratic Committee Chair
Melanie Salyer - Wise County Democratic Committee Chair

Bowerbank has earned broad support from Democratic leaders all over Virginia. Bowerbank's supporters include Democratic candidates for Lieutenant Governor, including Senator Chap Petersen, Senator Phil Puckett and Leslie Byrne. Last week Bowerbank announced Delegate Lionell Spruill's endorsement.

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