Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Video of Fimian Unable to Defend His Supporters

There was a candidate forum this afternoon in Springfield that featured the Congressional candidates from both the 8th and 11th District. During the debate the moderator decided that the discussion would focus on issues that the candidates could address in Congress instead of a question about negative campaigning. This was accepted by most of the bipartisan crowd even with some applause, but one of the Republicans in the audiences started screaming bull**** until he was called out of order by the moderator. After the debate I asked Keith Fimian what he thought of the situation and this is the response I got from him followed by the rants of the Republican who caused all the commotion.


  1. That's halarious. Keith Fimian looks like he's thinking, "OMG, nobody said I'd actually have to answer questions at this forum."

  2. 11th District RepublicanOctober 8, 2008 at 7:09 PM

    The sad thing is that this video represents Fimian's entire campaign. If he doesn't know the answer to something, he'll avoid details and launch an attack.

    As a conservative Republican who has donated a lot of money to local candidates I am ashamed to say he is the candidate my wonderful party put forward. We used to pride ourselves on having smart candidates who know how to govern. Now we're stuck with Fimian who has no idea what he's doing.

  3. His whole campaign's a joke. If he receives 40% of the vote I'd be shocked.

  4. What did you expect him to do? Just because his supporter wanted the negative question asked doesn't me he wanted to address the topic. And you know he couldn't dismiss one of his supporters who was obviously close by since he showed up to tell you to "shut up." Bad move by the supporter but you can't fault Mr. Fimian for it.

  5. Anonymous,
    Keith actually did want to launch into an attack against Gerry even though the moderator and the vast majority of the people in the audience wanted to move on to issues that were actually relevant to the election. I think it’s very telling that it was a Fimian supporter who originally submitted the question, a Fimian supporter who threw a fit when most people agreed the public deserved to devote their time to issues that actually matter, and finally Fimian himself who put in the final protest in favor of the question even though it was clear everyone else in the bipartisan crowd wanted to move on.

    After the debate, Keith was also telling everyone how he thought Gerry was a liar. He eventually did admit that the facts the DCCC put forward (that IRS put $16,000 in tax liens on his company because its taxes weren't properly paid) were actually true. It was as he was launching these accusations that I went up to ask him my question and you saw how he responded.

    I actually didn’t know what to expect from him, but I thought he would be able to provide some sort of answer. His silence truly seems to fit his past campaign appearances though. As some of the previous comments here have already highlighted, Fimian rarely actually produces an answer to the tough questions. He frequently tries to change the subject and launch attacks if he doesn’t know an answer to a question. This time it looked like he simply couldn’t think of which attack he should go into.

  6. Doesn't add much to the discussion but it is rather entertaining to see him squirm a little bit. That had to have been the ultimate goal of the video because he never addresses the issues so there's no way in hell he'd actually answer this question. Sometimes you just have to work with what they give you.

    Was that a staff member who said the erratic behavior of his supporters doesn't matter?

  7. The point of posting the video was to highlight how even though Keith Fimian continuously claims that his campaign takes the moral high ground, his campaign has actually been out there promoting negative tactics and he refuses to admit his supporters are wrong when they try to disturb a forum simply because the moderator wants to focus on the real issues of the election. As I was mentioned in an earlier comment, he actually was smearing Gerry when I walked up to ask my question.

    So while some people might find it humorous that Keith couldn't come up with an answer, the point of the video is that he refused to distance himself from some of his extremely negative supporters. When you combine that with the fact that he protested when he wasn't given the opportunity to continue the audience member's attack during the debate, this shows how he supports their tactics.

  8. For those of us who know Fimian and have watched his act through the years, the real Keith of "Fimian's Rainbow" fame is finally front and center. Fimian is an entitled, ego-centered fellow who has gotten where he has gotten in life by shamelessly using others for their power, connections, and ability to help him achieve all the while maintaining the facade of his "deep religious beliefs". He's a hypocrite and a sham who runs with his tail between his legs when either he or those to whom he professes a committment are called on their hypocriscy. As a Catholic, I would call on him and those in his circle to consider one thing in all things relevant and that is "What would Jesus do?" That's probably a question he could quicklyl answer but one he would have difficulty following because the moral codes and authorities the rest of us live by, he does not believe nor has he ever believed, applies to him and to those with whom he chooses to associate. Although I am a life long registered Republican and both and social and fiscal conservative, Fimian is one Republican for whom I will never cast an affirmative vote.