Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So Much for Fimian's Record As A Business Leader

Keith Fimian has run his campaign based almost solely on the fact that he is a business executive. His website is filled with vague generalities that reinforce his lack of understanding on the real issues facing people in Virginia's 11th Congressional District and in a recent debate he even went as far as to say that the world as we know it will end if we don't elect business executives like him to Congress. With all that being said, you'd think he'd have a flawless record as a businessman. As this new ad points out, however, that's not the case and he's been sued time and time again.


  1. Every business of any significant size gets sued constantly. Note that the ad does not say how many of those cases his company actually lost.

  2. It must be all those greedy trial lawyers because we all know that businesses never do anything wrong. If those darn communist lawyers would just let the big businesses get away with breaking the law then we wouldn't have any lawsuits.

  3. Even if every business did get sued, that still doesn't explain how he can have such poor business skills that his company has a tax lien put against it -- which probably means that they didn't pay their taxes properly.