Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Even McCain Doesn't Have Faith in Keith Fimian

I'll be posting more reaction tomorrow about the political pep rally that George Bush, err... I mean John McCain, held in Fairfax this morning, but I did want to point out something that I found to be quite interesting. You see, Keith Fimian's campaign was quite excited about the McCain campaign holding a rally in the 11th Congressional District because he's way behind in the polls and needs something big to happen soon if he wants to win in November. They even told a reporter for The Hill that they were planning something big for the rally and hoped to get a speaking spot.
That nominee, businessman Keith Fimian, is planning a “huge presence” at the event, campaign manager Zack Condry said.

He said he would love to get his boss a speaking role alongside Palin, adding that they are both fresh faces.
It turns out that "huge presence" was simply Keith walking up and down the line shaking hands with people waiting to get into the event. Not only did he not get to give that speech he was hoping to give, but reliable sources say that the Republican leadership never even gave him much consideration as a potential speaker. So much for the GOP having confidence in Keith Fimian.


  1. He also had to listen to us shout "GERRY, GERRY, GERRY" at him while he walked the up and down the line :-)

  2. Your post is skewed.

    Fimian's presence was very eminent. Even though he did not speak, a good portion of attendees with "McCain/Palin" stickers also had "Fimian for Congress" stickers on.

    His dozens of volunteers were passing out literature, and were wearing the campaign T-shirts. Their presence was known and obvious, and I doubt McCain's camp were the ones that told him he couldn't have the speaking spot.

    From what I heard, it was more of a time for Tom Davis to throw his name behind McCain. Obviously, he is the more senior of the two people who should have spoken. So he got the spot. You'll notice Pat Herrity did not speak either. And he is a candidate for Chairman should Gerry get elected.

    And sitting duckz, of the 23,000 people in attendance, I have no doubt you were the fringe minority supporting Gerry Connolly. Nobody heard you anyway.