Monday, August 18, 2008

Keith Fimian Needs A Map

Last Friday Karen over at Anonymous Is A Woman put a post up about how Keith Fimian (Republican Congressional candidate in the 11th) recently held a press conference to announce his energy plan. As Karen pointed out, it's a decent plan and it's good to see that he has enough common sense to realize that energy is an important issue to Northern Virginia residents. The biggest problem, however, comes in the fact that he held the press conference at a gas station that's actually in the 8th Congressional District. With so many potential venues in Virginia's 11th, Karen is correct in hinting at the fact that he might need to be given a map of his district.

My reaction was very similar to the message I think Karen was trying to get across -- why would we elect someone who doesn't even seem to know the boundaries of the district he wants to represent? With the fact that Gerry Connolly is well ahead in the polls that I’ve seen, you would think that Fimian would want to hold more events like this inside the 11th. Even if the event wasn’t well attended, he could at least hype the fact that he’s out there talking about energy inside the district.

There’s been a fair amount of discussion about how Fimian has the ability to put a large chunk of his own personal fortune into the race. I guess this goes to show that you have to have a good strategy for using that money for the financial advantage to actually matter.

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