Saturday, August 23, 2008

Howard Dean on Joe Biden Being VP Nominee

There has been nonstop discussion this morning about Joe Biden being Obama's VP selection. As I said in an earlier post, I think this is the best pick among the people who were considered the front runners. Just for what it's worth, here's Howard Dean's comment on the pick.
"Senator Obama has made an outstanding selection in Joe Biden. Joe Biden is a strong leader, fierce advocate, and devoted family man with values rooted in the best of what America stands for. He will be a strong partner with Barack Obama in bringing the change America wants and needs.

"Delegates here in Denver are already buzzing with strong enthusiasm for the Obama- Biden ticket.

"Senator Obama's selection shows that unlike the Bush-McCain way of doing politics, Obama is not afraid to have strong people around him helping to lead our great country.

"Together they will serve America well over the next eight years, and our Party is ready to rally behind them and put them on the path to the White House starting right here in Denver."

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