Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dumb Luck, Stupidity, and Crime Don't Pay

Since he's the Commonwealth Attorney for Fairfax County it shouldn't be too surprising that Ray Morrogh was involved in making sure criminals were brought to justice. According to the Washington Post, however, this time it was when a group of three kids were trying to steal his surfboard while at a conference down in Virginia Beach.
Fairfax County's chief prosecutor, Raymond F. Morrogh, was attending the annual meeting of commonwealth's attorneys in Virginia Beach last week, spending his first day in meetings wearing an "Old Guys Rule" T-shirt. At the end of the day, as he stood outside the famed Cavalier Hotel, Morrogh watched three suspicious-looking characters walking down the long front lawn of the hotel with a surfboard -- his surfboard.

Morrogh, 50, took off after the thieves, caught up with the one carrying his valuable custom-made Dale Velzy nine-foot board and got it back. But when he politely requested that the man wait calmly for further law enforcement, the man impolitely fled. And in the chase, Morrogh fractured his ankle in two places and lost his quarry.

But there's a happy ending. While police were interviewing Morrogh at the scene, one of the other suspects wandered back into view. Morrogh pointed him out, and Virginia Beach police caught him. Hours later, they picked up the other two as well.
So there are obviously some more important cases that Morrogh has had to deal with during his tenure as a CA, but you have to admit this is a pretty entertaining case. There's always been the saying that "crime doesn't pay" but this case should inspire the phrase "Dumb luck, stupidity, and crime definitely don't pay." Why? Because not only did the kids have the dumb luck of stealing the surfboard of an elected law enforcement officer, but they also had to walk right by him with the evidence in their hands. So there's the dumb luck and the crime not paying. The real stupidity (besides of committing the crime in the first place) comes into play when one of the thieves actually came back to the scene of the crime afterwards.

Anyways, kudos to Ray Morrogh for his role in catching the thieves. (h/t Not Larry Sabato)

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