Tuesday, August 5, 2008

DNC, Big Oil, McCain, and The Internet

One of the great things about the Internet is that it allows candidates and their staffs to have a little fun while putting together quirky little web-ad videos which won’t cost a gazillon dollars to run on television. That’s the case with a new ad that was released by the DNC this morning. It tries to show how the big oil companies control John McCain’s energy policy by featuring him as an animated puppet speaking out against Obama’s plan to put forward a windfall profit tax on the oil companies so that middle class families can receive a rebate.

Although the ad is pretty cheesy, it does get the message across that McCain has strong ties to the oil company. Campaign Money Watch, for instance, recently reported that over 30 of McCain’s fundraisers/advisors have lobbied for the oil and gas industry. When you consider the plain and simple fact that many families are being forced to decide between filling up their gas tanks and buying groceries, it’s simply unacceptable that McCain has relied so heavily upon these folks.
"The American people want a President who will put their interests ahead of John McCain's oil company buddies and their lobbyists," said DNC spokeswoman Karen Finney. "The reviews are in, and while the last seven years were a bonanza for Big Oil they've been a bust for America's working families. The American people have seen this show before, and they aren't looking for an encore."
It’ll be interesting to see how many more of these types of ads the DNC puts out. I think one thing that could be interesting is to have a contest for members of the general public to create one of these ads. That could actually create a larger interest in the videos while still saving the DNC some production. In the meantime, here’s the ad the just released.

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