Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cillizza's Predictions for VP Selections

Over on The Fix yesterday, Chris Cillizza wrote an updated post about the potential VP nominees. I haven't highlighted many of his previous posts on the topic, but this one really seems to be similar to what I'm hearing from my sources so I thought it was worth mentioning.

In regards to Tim Kaine, Chris writes that the announcement regarding Mark Warner giving a keynote speech on Tuesday night of the convention doesn't help Kaine's chances of being selected.
In naming former Virginia governor Mark Warner as the convention keynote speaker earlier this week, the Obama campaign either a) closed the door on Kaine as veep or b) opened the door for a Virginia-centric convention designed to highlight the importance of that swing state. We tend tobelieve option "a" though the Virginia governor's early support for Obama should not be underplayed as a factor in the final decision.
Of course what the article doesn't highlight is that there has also been the backlash against the potential for Kaine's selection by a lot of the progressive base. As much as I like Tim Kaine and believe he's a good guy, I consider myself to be among those who have been disappointed with recent actions -- such as his role in the situation surrounding the Wise County Coal Plant. Furthermore, despite the fact that he did spend a fair amount of time in Honduras, he simply doesn't have the foreign policy expertise that would be beneficial to the ticket.

It's on the foreign policy note that I've heard a large number of people suggesting that Joe Biden should be selected as Obama's resume. As Jim Webb pulled himself out of the running awhile ago and it becomes more and more unlikely that Gen. Wesley Clark will be selected, I tend to agree that Biden would be a good choice. Here's what Cillizza had to say about that option.
Biden is peaking at the right time. Barely mentioned at the start of the veepstakes, he is now the favorite to be the pick. Biden's deep foreign policy resume, charisma, blue-collar appeal and debate skills all recommend him. And, the normally loquacious Biden has been stone silent over the last few weeks -- stoking speculation that he is the one.
As you might recall, Biden made several appearances during which he said something along the lines of I'm not actively seeking the VP nomination, but I'd accept it if I was asked by our candidate. With the conventions coming up shortly, it'll be interesting to see how these predictions are received by the public. In the meantime, does anyone have any thoughts on the topic?

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