Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama Opening Office In Centreville

I got an email from Morris Meyer earlier this week about how the Obama campaign is opening a campaign office in Centreville. He also pointed out that there is going to be an office opening tomorrow, some details of which are as follows.
The Obama campaign is opening its Centreville office this Saturday July 26th at 10AM. We're going to start training volunteers at 9:30AM.

The office is located on the southeast corner of Lee Highway and Machen Road. It is next to the Moscow Market and the In & Out Convenience Store in the Centreville Square shopping center.

The address is 14260 Centreville Square, Suite N, Centreville, VA 20121. The office phone is 612.710.7707. Our Obama field organizer is Famid Sinha and he can be reached at 540.394.9998.
Having grown up in Centreville, I am glad to see that a Democratic presidential campaign is realizing the importance of the area. I'm already hearing a lot about the work that is being done there and am looking forward to seeing how the campaign's presence affects the numbers in November.

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