Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jim Webb Enters Discussion About McCain's Military Service

General Wesley Clark has most definitely become a hot topic of discussion in the news lately because he questioned McCain's military experience during an appearance on Face the Nation. I think it is important to remember is that Clark did point out that he believes McCain is a hero and deserves to be honored for his service. Furthermore, I view Clark's message as really hitting on the fact that McCain seems to be talking a lot about his status as a war hero but hasn't really given us direct evidence of how what he did/learned during his military service will help the country during a McCain Administration.

It now appears as though Virginia's own Senator Jim Webb has entered the discussion over McCain trying to use his war hero status to win votes. During an appearance on the show "Countdown," Webb mentioned that he believes "we need to make sure that we take politics out of service." As his press secretary put it, Webb wasn't dismissing McCain's military service but was sharing his belief that candidates on both sides of the aisle should "refrain from implying that their political views are representative of the military writ large."

One would think that McCain could take Webb's comments and spin them in a way that's really beneficial for his own campaign. For instance, he could have said that Webb's message reminds us how there are a wide variety of reasons people serve including patriotism and a desire to do something good for the country. Not only would this have made him look good but it would have shown that he does understand some of the things that motivate our men and women in uniform. Instead, it appears as though the McCain camp has simply decided to claim that there's some vast left wing conspiracy taking place that's design to ruin his war hero reputation.

This is yet another example of how John McCain decides to go negative to avoid the real issues that are being brought up. The American people deserve real answers Sen. McCain, not made up conspiracies.

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