Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bowerbank Announces "Key Advisors"

Brian Patton, who is now the Deputy Campaign Manager for Jon Bowerbank's Lt. Governor campaign, just sent out a statement announcing several of the campaign's "key advisors."
Maverick Strategies (www.maverickstrat.com) will provide strategic advice, communications and direct mail services to the Bowerbank campaign. Members of the Maverick firm include: Jessica Vanden Berg, who managed General Wesley Clark's 2004 primary victory in Oklahoma (the only state General Clark won in 2004) and Jim Webb's victorious primary and general election campaigns in Virginia in 2006; and Kristian Denny Todd, a highly experienced communications professional and veteran of several Democratic campaigns including U.S. Senators Ernest "Fritz" Hollings, Patty Murray, John Edwards, Bob Graham, and Jim Webb. Highly respected political strategist, Steve Jarding, who engineered Virginia Governor Mark Warner’s gubernatorial victory in 2001 and Webb’s upset victory in 2006 is also a partner at Maverick Strategies.

Peter Brodnitz is a veteran of several successful Virginia campaigns, most notably Virginia Governor Tim Kaine's victory in 2005 and Jim Webb's U.S. Senate victory in 2006. Brodnitz has also served as pollster for Representative Rick Boucher (D-VA). He will serve as pollster for the Bowerbank campaign.

Lowell Feld served as netroots coordinator on the Webb for Senate campaign, has consulted on netroots strategy to the Judy Feder for Congress campaign and the South Dakota Democratic Party, runs the largest Democratic political blog in Virginia ("RK"), and is co-author of “Netroots Rising: How a Citizen Army of Bloggers and Online Activists Is Changing American Politics.” He will serve as netroots coordinator and strategist on the Bowerbank campaign.
Although there are other Democrats who have expressed an interest in running for Lt. Governor, it appears as though most activists have been rallying behind Bowerbank. When you consider the fact that this is a downballot race in an off year primary, having these key activists on board with his campaign is even more important. Why? Because the ability to communicate your message with the public and turn out your supporters is even more important than usual since there's a smaller universe of likely voters.

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