Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Americans Don't Know The Congressional Leaders

With there being so much attention devoted to the current presidential race, you'd think more people would be able to identify the key players in the political process. After all, you could probably learn most of their names by simply seeing the commercials for the evening news programs. According to Rasmussen Reports, however, it appears as though that is definitely not the case. Only 71% of Americans know that Nancy Pelosi is a Democrat. In a report that shows how little Americans actually know about the Congressional leadership, that is by far the highest identification rate.

Vivian Paige recently wrote a post about how how partisan districting affects the amount of turnout in races. Apparently recent reports have suggested that turnout in the Commonwealth of Virginia would increase 43% if there were more competitive races. One would imagine that if turnout was increasing by that much of a margin, then there would also be more people paying attention to Congress (at least when elections are approaching). Could bipartisan redistricting therefore be a potential way to help ensure that more people are actually interested in being up to date on current events?

Whatever might be the action that would inspire people to get more involved, these statistics clearly show that something has got to change.

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